Computer Hardware Maintenance, Computer Motherboard Repair, Computer Assembling and Installation.

Galaxy IT Corporation – Provides round the clock support through the year with wide variety of computer devices such as Desktop Computers (Branded & Assembled Computers), Laptops, Notebook Computers and various high end machines and servers.

We also provide support for installation, configuration and troubleshooting for your desktop computer problems like Motherboards, RAM and Hard Disk Drives etc.. Implementation of PC upgrades such as System Memory, Graphic Cards, Modems, Network Cards, Wireless Networks, CD-ROMs, DVD, DVD-RAMs, DVD-RWs etc. Installing and configuring licensed software applications, fixing / replacing corrupt or faulty memory devices (RAM & Hard-Drives), customizing your desktop environment and software applications according to your specific needs and to enhance system performance by optimizing.

Hardware Rental

Computer Desktop, Laptop, Printer, Photocopier, Routers, Servers Rental

A complete range of IT products & Peripherals readily available for meeting the Business needs for any duration, may it be for a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Rental equipment’s could be hired for staff travelling overseas, for zero capital expenditure budgets, Projects, presentations, Training courses, Conferences, Trade shows, Events or for any other office requirement which may be planned or may arises all of a sudden.

Please Refer to Why Rent Section for Various Benefits of Rental

  • Ready stock
  • Timely deliveries & services: with Impeccable record for the same.
  • The most renowned rental company
  • Vast range of products
  • Huge quantity of equipment’s readily available at short notice
  • Service back up beyond comparison
  • Support available across all major cities in India
  • Highly motivated and performance driven organization
  • With IT rental you are assured of uptime commitment, as you pay for the uptime and not only for hardware, hence giving more cost effective solutions in terms of TCO (Total cost of ownership)
  • Renting allows a flexible approach and lets you plan your needs, hence ensuring you are with the technology you require today without worrying about the cost of obsolescence & upgrades.
  • No need to invest upfront. Rental payments are comparatively smaller and spread as fractional payments over longer periods.